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Tips for Choosing the Right Home Inspectors Queens NY


Choosing a home inspector should be taken seriously. Choosing the wrong company can cost you more than you paid for. Never choose a home inspection company by price only. There are other factors to look at. Some homeowners spend a lot of time searching for a home inspector and end up choosing one because they were cheaper by let’s say $50. This is wrong from all directions. Home inspector schools have come to the rise, and the rate at which companies are getting certified is alarming. Some get fake certificates. Below are some things you should look at before choosing a home inspector.

How to choose a home inspector


home inspector, plumbingI would say research research and research. Find out as much information about the company you want to hire. Make calls and talk to them. Do you find them easy to talk to? Do they sound knowledgeable about homes? Are they willing to send you reports in your email? If they send the report is it easy to understand and read? It is a good idea to ask your friends or family for referrals. You will be surprised to know that, many people cannot tell if the inspection was good. As long as they got the report, they assume all was good. This should not be the case.

Do not choose inspectors solely from the recommendation of real estate agents

Many of us trust our real estate agents. I might break your heart by saying, they might be pushing you to hire the wrong person. Some agents have inspectors who work for them. To avoid such a scenario, avoid inspectors from your real estate agent. Research and choose your own. If an inspector works for the agency, they will do all they can to favor them. This is what is termed as conflict of interest.

Do not be thrilled by the terms “certified.”

home inspectorListen here; home inspectors are getting fake certificates. How is this? They send money to home inspection associations and get their certificate right away. In such a situation no experience is looked at. The deal is, send me money I send you the certificate. It is good that the inspector you want to choose belongs to a state association, but you must be very careful. The tips above will greatly help you in choosing the best home inspectors in Queens NY – guaranteed. Do your homework, do not leave it to fate, and you will make the right choice.

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