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Signs Of Elderly Cat Problems


If you own a geriatric cat, you must have the information necessary to assist you to know when it is not well. This is quite easy to find out without the need of visiting a local vet shop. This is because there are effective natural remedies for treating elderly cat problems.

Elderly cat signs


You should closeytg2ed6fy3e76yu72u3e8i2ly monitor the appearance, habits, and behavior of your cat. It is possible for a cat to live for more than twenty years or more as long as it enjoys a happy lifestyle and balanced diet. Ensure you find out the common problems that are as a result of again in cats. This is necessary to ensure your cat is living well.

Weight loss or increase

Another sign in a geriatric cat is an increase in weight, has a disease, or weight loss. It is advisable to weigh it at least once in six months. This will offer you an idea whether its weight is normal or not. Other things to monitor include loss of appetite, change in water intake, and change in bathroom habits. You can reverse these through natural means and the right care.


There are various diseases that affect older cats. These include dental disease, hyperthyroidism, and inflammatory bowel disease. Diabetes is the most common disease that is found in older cats due to poor eating habits as they get older. Other than natural remedies, which can be offered to your pet, you need to ensure that it gets a balanced diet that is free of sugar.

Dental problems

Dental disetg23wedf6y2e7dfu2ase is quite common. You will realize that it becomes difficult for cats to brush their teeth three to four times daily. In some instances, if the infection gets into the gums, then damage can be done. Hyperthyroidism is quite rare, but nevertheless, it does affect cats. The main reason for this is that glands tend to become inactive over time due to lack of exercise. This creates a lot of undesirable symptoms.

If you are a cat owner, it is your duty to ensure it lives to its full potential. Thus, you should ensure it is well taken care of with proper exercise regime and balanced diet. Also, you should provide it with the love it needs. This can reduce risks of complications and disease as your cat matures. You can check out catsareontop.com for more tips on cat food, grooming, and product reviews.

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