How to get your own personal mechanic


Since your car is part of the family, it is entitled to almost the same rights as the ones accorded to the rest of your family members. For instance, presumably, you have a family doctor to whom you can call when things are not looking too good on any of the members of your family. The same case should apply to your car in terms of its automotive well-being. This means you have to get an auto mechanic just for your car. You will have to call on this one mechanic in case of any kind of emergency and not anyone else. Everything that happens to your car should remain between you and your mechanic as this will make the situation better for your engine and every part of your car.

Qualities of the right mechanic for your car

2Not every guy dressed in an overall stained with grease and diesel and clenches a wrench is good at handling the spare parts of your car. You need to look deeper into sensitive issues that revolve around the safety of your vehicle. New blog article is a good place to start. Here’s what you should focus on;

  • Years of experience behind him. With such a guy, what could possibly go wrong? His resume says that he has been in the mechanic business for a considerable duration of time. However, give him an interview of some sort and let him handle some basic problems in your car just to prove his mettle. This is the best and only way to tell whether you are making the right choice hiring him.
  •  Loyal and honest. This one depends on your instincts. if you can trust your instincts and hand your car keys over to him to take your car for a test spin and also to look into the interior of your car, then he is the right guy for the job.
  • Should be licensed to handle or manage a garage. If he is operating without a license, you should rule him out completely because no legal and legit business is transacted without some form of a legal document.
  • Should offer quality and prompt services at a fair and affordable price. You need to be in the picture on whether you can afford trips to the auto mechanic’s garage twice or thrice every week for your car to be adequately and thoroughly serviced.

Tips on how to maintain your car when your mechanic is nowhere in sight

Your auto mechanic might have some emergency engagements that need his urgent attention, and so he has to dash off. You must teach yourself the basics about how to handle your car in case of even the slightest mishap. Taking your car to another mechanic is out of the question because they might not know what they are doing.

3Always ensure that you have a spare tire packed inside the boot of your car. You can never be too sure when and where the spare tire might find you so be wise and prudent.

Have a tool box in the boot of your car in case the changing of the tire needs a wrench or any other tool. Have a towel placed aside for wiping your hands after this messy exercise; you will definitely need it.

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